Vermicompost – Understanding Process

  • Ingredient Agriculture Waste
  • A wide range of agricultural residues – such as straw, husk, leaves, stalks, weeds etc can be converted into vermicompost.
  • Ingredient Household Waste
  • Other potential feedstock for vermicompost production are livestock wastes, poultry litter, dairy wastes, food processing wastes, organic fraction of MSW, bagassedigestate from biogas plantsetc.
  • Ingredient Animal Dung
  • Cow & Buffalo Dung is mixed to the Agriculture & Household Waste to initiate the Vermi Process
  • Vermi Process
  • Earthworms consume organic wastes and reduce the volume by 40–60 percent.
  • Output
  • Each earthworm weighs about 0.5 to 0.6 gram, eats waste equivalent to its body weight and produces cast equivalent to about 50 percent of the waste it consumes in a day.
  • Process Management
  • The moisture content of castings ranges between 32 and 66 percent and the pH is around 7.
  • Quality of Output
  • The level of nutrients in compost depends upon the source of the raw material and the species of earthworm.

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