Good Value Organics has been providing quality natural and organic products for large agriculture land, home, lawn and garden since 2019. We are the first VermiCompost development projects in Hoshiarpur and are working towards building a stronger & effective Organic Bio Manure & Vermi Wash.

Over that time, we’ve grown right along with the booming interest in organic and natural farming. We carry everything from organic fertilizers and natural pest control products — including beneficial insects — to compost bins and natural cleaning products for your daily use.

Also we are venturing into Roof Top Plantation of Organic vegetables, efforts are towards building a clean and clear environment and healthy life style.

All of our products are top quality and we’re constantly on the look-out for new, proven items that will make your gardening experiences easier, healthier and more rewarding.

At Good Value Organics, we believe that the more you know the better you grow. Our expert team members have in-depth experience helping other gardeners and first-hand knowledge of our products.

Are you Looking to set up an all-inclusive indoor growing set up? Our experts can help you match components and put together a system expressly suited to your needs.

Good Value Organics website is more than an online catalog. It’s a resource with how-to and in-depth information on composting, growing vegetables, maintaining healthy lawns and a score of other gardening subjects.